Harrogate Hockey Ladies

Have ever wondered ladies playing hockey between than men? Or have you ever come across ladies who can organize themselves and play hockey more than you ever thought. Worry no more because when it comes to hockey, there are ladies who play it fantastically than you ever through and imagined.

This article attempts to look at Harrogate Ladies who are globally known for their resilient and toughness when it comes to hockey playing. Harrogate Ladies are well talented and endowed in hockey sport and they have over the years attained competency and proficiency in hockey playing. Dispel the misconception that hockey is for men and make it an effort to witness how Harrogate Ladies play hockey in their leagues and groups.

At Harrogate Hockey Club, Harrogate Hockey Ladies is one of the friendliness, sociable and welcoming group of talented women who practice and play hockey both on the local and international scene.

The club has five teams consisting of Harrogate Ladies who play hockey on different occasions. Harrogate Ladies have shown exemplary performance in all their tournament by registering remarkable victories over their opponents. Well experienced coaches have been assigned to the Harrogate Ladies to ensure that they excise frequently and practice well for their matches which are usually organized locally or inferentially as friendly matches.

Within the five teams that are formed by the club management, Harrogate Ladies are required to play competitively on a weekly basis through the support of the Back to hockey group which also plays on a weekly basis. Harrogate Ladies are widely known by many hockey lovers as playing excellent and fanatic hockey.

Sponsored by Harrogate Hockey Club, Harrogate Ladies believes that each person has an opportunity to showcase his or her skills and wonderfully practice such skills by playing hockey. The club has divided Harrogate Ladies into different categories depending on their membership subscriptions.

The main levels that Harrogate Ladies have to go through and advance to highest one start with the beginner level and end with the top level; which is considered to be the best set of players in the club with incomparable experience obtained from different matches they have played locally and internationally.

Each lady in the club is given an opportunity to expose her skills and be promoted to a higher level stepwise based on the judgment made by the head coach. At Harrogate Hockey Club, Harrogate Ladies are highly ambitious with the primary goal of ensuring that they meet their expectations by giving each person a chance to develop her skills gradually.

At Harrogate Hockey Club, the Harrogate ladies are headed by Alex Fletcher who is highly competent and serves as the led coach for the team for the ladies. The head coach is directly by Chris McSherry in the capacity of deputy coach for the Harrogate Ladies team.

Harrogate Ladies are divided into five groups including Harrogate Ladies First XI, Harrogate Ladies Second XI, Harrogate Ladies Third XI, Harrogate Ladies Fourth XI, and Harrogate Ladies Fifth XI. Are you a lady? Don’t waste time. Join ladies’ hockey to be one of the Harrogate Ladies.